Errr... not just yet – but we have plans. 

Android has been a hot-topic here at WriskHQ recently. 

At this stage we intend to start actively targeting and developing our Android offering in 2019.  

The platform we have built is already designed to support multiple different channels... iOS, Android, Web or whatever else we choose.

Our rationale behind focusing on iOS first is that we want to do our learning, prove out key concepts and work towards product/market fit in one channel before expanding into others.  

For a number of reasons iOS was the best place for us to start. Needless to say, if we can showcase the right kind of uptake from the iOS community,  supporting an Android version alongside it to expand our market it is a no-brainer. 

Want to see Android sooner? – make sure to let us know.

If you would like to see us support Android sooner, drop us a note via email or chat to us via our website... We use your feedback to help us make better prioritisation decisions around what we should build next.  

How can I stay up to date with new developments?

Also, to stay up to date with new developments at Wrisk, make sure to follow us on twitter and sign up to our mailing list via our website.

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