We understand that sometimes getting many different documents can be more of a hindrance than a help. This list is intended to help you understand what each of the documents is for.

Policy schedule

This document summarises the insurance cover you have bought. It details the sum(s) insured and excess(es) you have chosen that are specific to you. It also details your unique policy number, premium and tax charged.

Statement of fact

This shows all the information you declared to us about yourself and on which we agreed to provide insurance (and calculated your premium). It can be a separate document but for ease we included yours with your schedule. Please make sure you check yours carefully to make sure our records are correct.

Policy wording

Essentially this document contains the full terms and conditions of Wrisk’s contents policy. This means there may be some sections in it that aren’t relevant to you i.e if you have bought general contents cover in isolation, the pages on optional additional contents cover won’t be relevant to you.

Policy summary

Sometimes policy wordings can be just that, very wordy... resulting in confusion over what policies actually cover and what is excluded. Because of this, policy summaries were introduced to allow consumers to see very quickly exactly what they could purchase without having to read all the dense words in between. We hope our policy wording is clear but we do also provide a policy summary to help you out.

TOBA (Terms of Business Agreement)

Although this isn’t technically an insurance document it’s still a relevant document as it sets out our services and the arrangements we have in place in order to provide you with insurance.

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