Any musical instruments worth £150 or less can be added to your chosen sum insured under 'Things in your home'.

If you have something more expensive than this you can add it as an additional named item under your policy. This includes:

  • guitars
  • keyboards
  • pianos
  • drums
  • violins / cellos
  • saxophones
  • flutes / clarinets
  • trumpets
  • tubas / horns etc. 

We cover your musical instrument(s) up to a single item limit of £5,000 and an overall limit of £10,000. Included in the sum insured we cover your accessories up to a maximum of £250 if your musical instrument is stolen or damaged at the same time. Please make sure you include the value of your accessories within the replacement value you declare in the app.

If you choose cover for your musical instrument(s) you will be insured both inside and outside the home. You’ll also have 30 days cover worldwide in any one calendar year. 

As standard you’re covered for all insured events:

  1. Fire, smoke, lightning, explosion and earthquake
  2. Escape of water, oil or heating fuel
  3. Theft or attempted theft
  4. Storm or flood
  5. Vandalism or malicious acts (including acts of terrorism involving the use or threat of force and/or violence)
  6. Impact damage

You’ll also be covered for accidental loss and if you choose to add it you’ll also be covered for accidental damage.

Remember to keep receipts – it makes life easier in the instance of a claim. :-)

Please note that we don’t cover breakage of strings, theft if you have left your instrument unattended or theft by anyone you entrusted to look after it.

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