If you live with family

At the moment you can't name other people on your policy, however, we do allow you to add items to your policy that belong to members of your family. 

We define family as 'your husband, wife, civil partner, partner, children, foster children, parents and any other relative who permanently lives with you at your home.'

N.B: as we haven't yet built the function that allows you to specify a named policyholder you have to be the one to handle claim(s).  

If you flat-share...

Long-term we plan on having linked accounts so that flatmates can have all the benefits of being a joint named insured on the policy. But. In the meantime, we recommend that you insure all communal items that you contributed to or own and your flat mate(s) can buy a policy for their stuff too 😁. 

So, if you flat-share you will be able to insure your stuff, shared stuff but not their stuff. In short this is because you can't add anything that you don't have a financial interest in.  

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