A 'cooling-off period' is the period of time at the beginning of a contract when a buyer can change their mind and cancel the contract. 

Insurers approach dealing with a 'cooling-off period' differently but this is how our one works: 

In the first 14 days of starting a contract with us if you decide that you no longer want a policy with us you can cancel and we will return all your premium and any Wrisk balance back to you. 

We don't charge a cancellation fee and we don't charge you on a pro rata basis for any days of insurance used in the 14 days. 

We want our customers to be happy but we also don't want to penalise you if you decide our Wrisk policy isn't right for you. 

If you don't cancel during your 'cooling-off period' you can still cancel anytime, with no cancellation fee and we will return any unused premium to you on a pro-rata basis. 

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