A musical instrument means so much - we're so sorry something's happened to it!

What to do

Once you have made a claim, one of our claims handlers will phone to discuss the next steps. 

  • Theft or loss: We will need a crime reference number from when you reported this to the police. 
  • Damage:  We'll need photos of any damage.

In both cases we'll need receipts or a valuation.

What happens next

Repair: If your instrument can be repaired then we will give you the details of a specialist repairer. They will arrange for collection of your instrument and will return it to you repaired. We will ask you to pay the excess due.

Replacement: If your instrument can't be repaired or has been lost or stolen, we will provide you with vouchers, less the cost of your excess, to use in a number of retailers so that you are able to purchase a replacement instrument. 

In any case, our claims handlers will keep you up to date with everything that's happening and expected timings - until you're making sweet music again. 🥁

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