First of all, we're really sorry you have to make a claim. We know it can be a real pain having to list everything but we're here to make things as easy as possible for you. 

What to do

Once you have made a claim one of our claims handlers will phone you to discuss the claim and help you determine the full loss

  • Damage or theft/loss - We  will need photos of the the damaged area and items and/or ask you to provide us with your crime reference number (if relevant). If the loss is estimated as being substantial, then our third party administrator will appoint a loss adjuster to visit your home and assess the damage 


Repair - what happens depends on the items affected. For example if a carpet has been damaged it might need just a clean and we will send our repair or response team to your home to complete a refurbishment or repair (at a time to suit you of course!). 

Replacement - On the other hand, the items you are claiming for may be beyond repair in which case we will replace them for you on a like for like basis (less your excess). 

The claims process is never going to be fun, but we will try to help make it as painless as possible and we promise to keep you informed of timeframes and help make sure any visits / collections at your home are done at a time to suit you. 

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