Life without a phone seems impossible nowadays!

What happens next

  • Theft or Loss - we will need your crime reference number after reporting it to police and we require you to register it on reportMyloss. This site is accessible by police forces across the UK so it makes potentially finding your phone much easier. We are happy to pay the cost of using the service so you just need to send the receipt to your claims handler and they will arrange reimbursement as part of your claim.
  • Damage - if your phone is damaged and needs repairing then you will be able to choose from a couple of options (detailed below). 


Repair: We can arrange for your phone to be collected (from your home, office, a neighbour, or wherever works best for you) by one of our nominated suppliers who will take it away to be fixed. 

We are happy for you to take your phone to a local accredited repairer and we will reimburse you for the cost of repairs provided validation documents of the repair have been provided. 

If you have an iPhone you can book an appointment for a repair in your nearest Apple Store or an accredited supplier. The Apple Support App is also a great tool for getting support for your products and to locate nearby repairers. Or you can use this number to contact them 0800 048 0408. 

Replacement: If your phone is irreparable or has been lost or stolen we will provide you with a replacement phone on a like-for-like basis. This is likely to be a fully refurbished handset of the same type as your old version. If we are unable to find the same make and model you will be able to choose from a selection of equivalent items.

If we are unable to repair your phone and therefore provide you with a replacement item we will keep your original item as salvage.
Don't worry - we are trying to get you connected again as soon as we can - and yes, we do appreciate how frustrating it is! 😃

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