First of all - you have a problem with your beautiful wheels -so sorry to hear that!

But here's what will happen

When you make a claim one of our claims handlers will contact you by phone to discuss what happened and help plan the next steps. 

  • Theft or Loss - we will need a crime reference number from when you reported this to the police. We'll also ask for proof of purchase. If you bought your bicycle from a shop (rather than online) then they can probably help supply that (in case you've lost the receipt!). This would help us determine the replacement value of your bike and the vouchers due to you (less the excess). 
  • Damage - if your bike has been damaged we'll need photos and proof of purchase as well.

The Outcome

Replacement - We will provide you with vouchers for Evans Cycles. If you have a preferred local shop we would also be able to send cash directly there - it's up to you 😊.  

Repair - The same applies if your bicycle can be repaired, rather than replaced. If you have a favoured repairer then you just need to let us know. Or, if you would rather we sorted repairs then we have a supplier who can arrange for collection of the damaged bike. They can either repair and return it to you or provide you with an equivalent replacement item. 

We know your bike may be your pride and joy (not to mention commuting method) so we will do our best to get you back out and cycling as soon as possible!

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