It's becoming more and more common to see clauses in tenancy agreements putting the onus on tenants to have insurance for their landlord's stuff. 

Because of this we allow you to include the value of your landlord's stuff under 'Things in your home'. 👏🏼

The best thing is to have a look at your inventory and add the value of this to your cover limit. If you make a claim you will need to provide your tenancy agreement and inventory in order to prove your responsibility for the landlord's things. 

Please note that we aren't calling this Tenant's Liability, something insurers tend to bundle up with other coverage. Most importantly, please note that we don't cover damage to your landlord's building - it's unlikely that you would have responsibility to purchase insurance for the building but it's worth checking your contract in case.

We do plan to add cover for buildings soon though - so if you need this please stay in touch! 😁   

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