If you submit a claim for a damaged item we always aim to repair it (where possible!). 

There is, of course, a process we have to follow so we’re hoping the below will help shed some light on things for you. 

Validating your claim

When you submit a claim for an electronic item, our claims handlers will need to see proof of ownership (this may be a receipt, statement, or even activity logged on a cloud account) to validate your claim. We know how this sounds, but we have to do it to eliminate fraudulent behaviour… and in the long-run doing this helps us to keep your premiums low. 

Once your proof of purchase, ownership etc. have been approved your item will be able to go in for repair. This shouldn’t take more than a few hours to approve provided there are no issues with the documentation provided (unfortunately it will take longer at the weekends).

Please note that we can’t accept screenshots of documents and will need pdf copies of documents instead. 

Great news, you have options for what happens next! 

We are happy for you to go to approved repairers if this is your preference and we will then reimburse you for the cost (less the excess due). 

If you choose this route you will need to send us the full receipt and summary report of repairs in order for a payment to be approved. (Please ensure you send us pdf copies, not screen shots).

If you have an Apple product you can use their repair service https://support.apple.com/en-gb/repair/products. This involves either going into the store, as in the above instance, or you can send your item in for repair and they will return it to you. 

We can also handle arrangements for repairs with approved third party suppliers if the above options are unavailable for your product and/or it’s easier for you if we handle it. It’s up to you. 😊

If you choose this option we will arrange for a supplier to contact you to collect your item at a time that’s convenient for you. 

Things we recommend you do and need to know before sending in your device

Before sending in any item please make sure you back-up your device.

We’ll need you to disable any cloud services and ‘Find my Device’ feature if your product has one, before you send it in for repair. 

Depending on the damage and product, we may need to run diagnostic tests and the device will also need to be checked following repairs. This involves knowing your password. Please rest assured that you will only ever be asked to provide this over the phone.

If it’s irreparable.

If after going in for repair we find that your device is irreparable, we will replace it with a refurbished equivalent. Please note that we will keep your original item as salvage. 

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