We know that buying things second hand from Facebook Marketplace and auction sites like eBay is very common these days. This can cause problems with insurance as you are unlikely to have a time stamped receipt.... so proving purchase/ownership can be difficult. 

If you bought your item(s) using PayPal then you can provide us with a timestamped transaction date, great! But, we get that one of the joys of a marketplace is that you can pay in cash 💵. 

We still want you to be able to insure these items with us. So... 

To make things easier for you, below is a list of what we need you to have in the event of a claim. We need you to be able to prove that you paid for the item and own the item:

  • A copy of the original invoice (this should be provided to you by the seller at point of sale); 
  • Proof of a conversation with the seller confirming you will be taking, or even better have taken, ownership of the item; 
  • Proof of the bank transfer or cash withdrawal;
  • A link to the original item listing.

As with any claim, we would also request proof of address and pictures of the item(s) so make sure you have these to hand too!

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