A quick summary of what’s covered...

This is a quick overview of the cover we provide for 'Things in your home' and any additional items you add to your policy. If you’re looking for further detail on your cover then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

  1. Fire, smoke, lightning, explosion and earthquake - this includes damage from any resultant pollution. 
  2. Escape of water, oil or heating fuel - you might be surprised to hear that more claims arise from escape of water (or oil) than from any other cause under home insurance so Wrisk has you covered.   
  3. Theft or attempted theft - we include instances when someone uses deception to enter your home e.g. pretending to take a gas reading but we can't cover you for deception on the street e.g. someone convincing you to give them your phone  and then running off with it….
  4. Storm or flood - if anything happens to your stuff caused by these events you’re covered with Wrisk (apart from if you leave your insured property outside…).
  5. Vandalism or malicious acts - we cover loss or damage to your insured property from vandalism or malicious acts caused by 3rd parties (i.e. as a result of a riot, group or a lone trouble-maker). We also include acts of terrorism as a result of violence or force.
  6. Impact damage - if your stuff is damaged due to falling objects or being hit, Wrisk has you covered. This includes aircraft, flying objects or anything that could fall from them, trees and branches, radio or television masts, vehicles or animals.

Some items are insured for accidental loss as standard and if you choose to you can include accidental damage cover for individual items.

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