What’s not covered

There are a number of general exclusions to your cover. We realise it looks like a horrible long list and the last thing we want is a load of 'gotchas' for you all. 

So we’ve unpacked some of them a little to help explain why they are included.  

Some risks are so large they are unquantifiable 💥 

(and arguably if they were to occur you’d have bigger concerns than insurance)... e.g. damage caused by radioactive contamination, war and nuclear / biological / radiological terror attacks… (We do however insure you if you are subject to violent or forceful terrorism. Sure, there will be bigger things concerning you, but that’s exactly why we don’t want you to have to worry about your stuff.)

Some are quantifiable but would make the policy more expensive…

  • Any losses when your home has been left unoccupied for more than 30 consecutive days - homes that are left unoccupied for long periods are more susceptible to the risk of crime. In addition, the damage that can be caused over a longer period by something like a burst pipe can be much more significant.
  • Consequential or indirect losses - we won’t cover you for any losses that occur as a result of loss or damage to your insured stuff. e.g. you lose your phone and miss a text for a last minute babysitting job that night – unfortunately we can’t cover you for missing out on the extra cash, it’s very hard to quantify the level of risk and would make a policy very expensive.
  • Contents used more than 50% of the time for business - At the moment, we don’t cover contents predominantly used for business purposes i.e. used more than 50% of the time for your work. 👩‍💻Think about it this way. Say you have a camera and you use it everyday to take pictures for work. This would mean the risk is higher since you'd be taking it out of the house frequently and therefore increasing its exposure to risks. A camera owned for personal use is likely to spend more time at home and is therefore less exposed. We know that the line between home and work is becoming increasingly blurred. So we have taken a judgement call that since work and play isn't necessarily a case of black and white we will cover items used for business, provided it isn't the primary use for the item. 
  • Injury to visitors and damage to their things. We currently exclude all liabilities and associated legal costs from our policy. An example of this could be a builder tripping over a rug, injuring their ankle and suing you for damages… fairly unlikely but you can see it happening. If this is something you’d like included in the future then please get in touch.

Others would be covered under a different insurance policy 

(and therefore subject to different rating factors) 

  • Manufacturing fault - If this occurs you need to get in touch with your manufacturer rather than us… we also don’t cover you if you suffer loss or damage from using your item contrary to the instructions… 
  • Computer viruses - This is a different type of insurance policy, called cyber insurance. We can’t cover you for this at the moment. But we can recommend you back-up your stuff to a cloud…

Others are just uninsurable events 

  • Losses covered by another policy - you can’t be paid out twice for the same loss...
  • Deliberate, reckless or criminal acts by you or any other person living in your home
  • Pre-existing damage - it goes without saying that we can’t insure you for damage that occurred before you bought your policy…
  • Confiscation or detention by order of the Government, Public or Police authority - we’re also not in the business of skirting the course of justice. 👮‍♀️
  • Gradual causes like wear and tear. Insurance is intended to cover many potential losses that you would not normally expect to occur, including incidents that are sudden and accidental. However, there are certain items that will eventually have to be replaced anyway, due to normal wear and tear. In this situation you aren’t covered.
  • Reduction in value following repair and replacement 
  • Losses due to cleaning, dyeing, repair, restoration, servicing, maintenance etc.
  • Mildew, fungus, frost, wet or dry rot, vermin, moths, insects and infestation 🐀
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