Past experience of insurance claims has shown that younger customers tend to be more risky in the insurance market. Once we start getting our own claims data we will calibrate it with this feature and update our scoring if required.

We know that there are lots of different things that contribute to risk. Age is one of those factors that is well recognised in the market as being predictive – but in our opinion is still a relatively blunt instrument. At Wrisk we are trying to help build up a really personal and accurate profile of your risk. This means looking at lots of different factors beyond just age.

Help us improve this rating

Wrisk isn’t like a normal insurance service – we are always learning and that includes improving the way we assess risk. If you think this Wrisk Factor should be rated differently – please tell us why.

If your feedback results in a rateable change that can be validated as truly predictive by our actuaries and data-scientists – we’ll reward you with an instant credit to your Wrisk balance and/or some Wrisk swag! :-)

Please remember that the validation process can take some time as we need to correlate stuff against historic claims information. Also – evidence with data beats opinions every time.

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