We cover your mobile phone up to a limit of £1,500 and provide additional cover up to £50 for your accessories, £100 of e-wallet protection and £1,000 of unauthorised use cover. 

The accessories, e-wallet protection and unauthorised use covers are benefits under your policy and therefore you do not need to include the figures in the sum insured you select. Please don’t confuse this with musical instruments and bicycles when you do need to include the value of your accessories within the sum insured you select… 

If you choose cover for your mobile phone you will be insured both inside and outside the home. You’ll also have 30 days cover worldwide in any one calendar year. 

As standard you’re covered for all insured events:

  1. Fire, smoke, lightning, explosion and earthquake
  2. Escape of water, oil or heating fuel
  3. Theft or attempted theft
  4. Storm or flood
  5. Vandalism or malicious acts (including acts of terrorism involving the use or threat of force and/or violence)
  6. Impact damage

You’ll also be covered for accidental loss and accidental damage.

Under a Wrisk policy, if you add your mobile phone to your cover, we will ask you to ensure the 'find my device' or a similar tracker is switched on at all times.

Note that we do not cover you for loss or damage if your mobile phone is left unattended away from the home (unless it was left in a locked glove compartment or boot of a car) or if it’s in the possession of a 3rd party when you aren’t there.

Additionally we do not cover cosmetic damage that doesn’t affect the operation of the handset or any damage or theft to the SIM card unless it is installed in the mobile phone.

Should we find that the serial number, IMEI or SIM card has been tampered with we will be unable to pay a claim.

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