Any portable electronics worth £150 or less can be added to your chosen sum insured for 'Things in your home' (note that this is cover inside the home only).

Any of your portable electronics above £150 can be added as additional named items (meaning you’ve told us specifically about them) under your policy. These items can include:

  • tablets
  • laptops
  • headphones
  • portable gaming consoles
  • e-readers
  • wearables
  • cameras and additional equipment such as lenses

Wrisk will insure your items up to a single item limit of £5,000 and a total overall limit for all portable electronics of £10,000 (i.e you can insure 2 items for £5,000 each but you can't insure 1 item for £10,000). 

Within your chosen limit you are also able to include cover for your accessories up to £250. e.g. your iPencil or leather case. To make things easier please include any accessories in the item name. 

If you choose cover for your portable electronics your item(s) will be insured both inside and outside the home. You’ll also have 30 days cover worldwide in any one calendar year. 

As standard you’re covered for all insured events:

  1. Fire, smoke, lightning, explosion and earthquake
  2. Escape of water, oil or heating fuel
  3. Theft or attempted theft
  4. Storm or flood
  5. Vandalism or malicious acts (including acts of terrorism involving the use or threat of force and/or violence)
  6. Impact damage

You’ll also be covered for accidental loss. If you choose to add it you’ll also be covered for accidental damage.

Remember to keep receipts – it makes life easier in the instance of a claim. :-)

Please note that we cannot cover you if you leave your items unattended away from the home (except if they are stolen from a locked boot or glove compartment in a car). 

Additionally we do not cover cosmetic damage to the item if it does not affect its operation or any software, software manuals and any costs following the rebuilding of software data.

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