At Wrisk we are not fans of the whole annual “buy and forget” nature of insurance.

We recognise that things change all the time, so we try to make it easy to make those changes and have them take effect – instantly.

Whether you are still in the process of getting a quote or are already on cover with Wrisk, making a change is simple.

Want to share more information or answer more questions?

Sharing new information or changing existing information might have an effect on your Wrisk Score (and therefore your premium). Answering and/or changing the answers to questions during the quote process is easy – just swipe and change. After you are on cover you can share or change information within the update your profile section in the app.

Remember that it is your responsibility to always share information that is up-to-date and accurate to the best of your knowledge.

Changing your cover levels or the things you want insured?

Cover levels and the the things you want to protect can be managed from within the cover details section in the app.

Changes take effect instantly.

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