Paying for your Wrisk policy is easy.

  • You can use a credit / debit card to pay for your policy
  • We will charge you for your first month of cover immediately and at the same time we will set you up for automatic payments. This way you don't need to worry about missing payments in future. 
  • For all following month's of cover we will automatically take a payment from the card details you have provided.
  • If you make any changes to your cover mid month that alter your price we will charge or refund you when we take your next monthly payment. This way you only get billed once each month. 
  • If your card details change at any point you will be able to update these in the 'Account' section of the app
  • Should your payment fail we will notify you to update your details but following this if you don't add your details we will have to cancel your policy.
  • Remember you can cancel anytime, even mid-month, and your unused premium will be refunded to you.


Using auto-payment will not affect the price you pay. We will not charge you more to pay monthly and your policy will continue to be active for as long as you need it to, by choosing the number of months you pay for.

Our focus and aims remain the same

  1. For you to only pay for what you need using a seamless payment experience 
  2. To give you control and clear visibility of your insurance spend
  3. Making it simple to make changes instantly, anytime for free (we know things change)
  4. To provide transparency and not to charge “extra” for choosing to pay monthly
  5. Over time, to reward loyal customers and not to charge them more.
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