If stuff gets stolen from your home or if any of your optional contents gets stolen when you’re out and about with it – Wrisk has you covered.

Anyone who has experienced a burglary / theft will know this experience makes you feel incredibly vulnerable and Wrisk is here to help.

We cover you for theft if someone has used deception to enter your home e.g. a pretend gas reading but we can't cover you for deception on the the street e.g. someone convinces you to give them your phone to download an app and then they run off with it...

Whilst your home is lived in by anyone other than you we don't cover theft, unless there is forcible entry or exit. 

If you entrust your item with someone else and they steal it then we can't cover you.

We do advise that you keep receipts / valuations / photograph's so that in the event of a claim we can assist you quickly.

Thieves often target valuable items that are easy to carry (and resell). It can often be a nightmare identifying things that have been taken after the event so our app ensures that you have to specifically name your optional contents items. 

We’re also working on providing the functionality to take pictures of your stuff which means we can help get you back on your feet even quicker if the worst happens.

Don’t forget, if you are the victim of a theft you must report it to the police within 48 hours.


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